Rubber-technical products

Our warehouse does not have any rubber products in stock, but we are able to make almost any kind of product according to your needs.

Tehnoguma uses compression and injection molding processes for the final product making.

Our company offers a wide range of technical rubber products including: membranes, plates, O-rings, seals, vacuum parts, shock absorbers, wheels, rubber profiles…

These kind of products are often used in the food industry, mechanical, chemical, automotive industry and many others.

All you need to do is to provide us technical drawing or a sample, and we will deliver the products as soon as possible.


Disk coupling

Rubber buffers


Butterfly valve seat ring

Flexible rubber periflex coupling

Concrete shot nozzle

Rubber balls, bottle closing valves, bottle seals

Zargen puffers

Rubber hydraulic seals

Rubber membranes

Flexible rubber impeller

Rubber star and spider couplings

Rubber seals and rings

Shock absorbers

Rubber plates

Suction cups

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